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High performance custom made shortboards for the advanced surfers. 

If you are a beginner surfer we
recommend you start out on a mini longboard or a fun shape surfboard. We also carry soft surfboards for kids.

 Shortboards generally range in size from around 5 feet to 7 feet long. 
The width, thickness and tail design can change the performance of your surfboard dramatically. Shortboard surfboards generally come with a twin fin, tri fin, or quad fin set up depending upon
the shape and design
of your shortboard.

At the TNT Surfboard Inc.
we have the
 best professional shapers to help you design your custome surfboard shape.  Your shortboard will be made to fit your style of surfing and wave preference.

Epoxy and Fiberglass available.

Stop by the TNT Surf shop to purchase your shortboard off the rack or get
 one custom made.

TNT SURFBOARDS INC. location at 206 Palm Ave in Imperial Beach, California 91932

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